Hello and thanks for visiting,
People and Travel are my 2 greatest passions, and I've spent the past 20 years chasing and documenting my favorite subjects.
I grew up in Philadelphia and have lived in Washington DC, Savannah, GA, San Francisco, Santa Cruz and for the past 6 years in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve traveled much of the US, New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, South America, and Europe and have gathered an extensive and colorful archive of images from those experiences.
I’m so lucky to have discovered a global network/family of fearlessly colorful artists, performers and beautiful friends who transcend the boundaries of country, gender and sexuality. Whether I’m at home with my best friends or across the globe exploring a defunct department store, beauty and humor reveals itself everywhere. Fabulous drag queens, decaying mannequins, piles of identical mass-produced items, terrifying taxidermy; they all make up a wonderful world that I’m so happy to be able to document and share. I’m stunned by the generosity of the universe, and one of my greatest pleasures is making introductions and growing that beautiful network.

I’ve shown my work in Savannah, Washington DC, San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Brooklyn and am currently working on a book.
I make my living working as a graphic designer, have a small business making children’s clothing, and manage to pay my rent and travel by picking up work as a generally useful guy.
I’ve recently been gifted with a Turkish pedicab… life may get even more interesting soon.
Technology now allows me to share my photographic life online. If you’d like to see the latest exploits check out:
My Flickr Page