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Step-by-Step Illustrated
Pillow Finishing Directions


Your Finished Latch Hook Design
2- 22”x22” Squares of Upholstery Fabric
20- 11/2” Long Straight Pins w/ Plastic or Glass Head
1 pc- Tailor’s Chalk
1 Spool of Thread, similar in color to upholstery fabric
1 roll strapping tape
Pillow stuffing (or an 18x18 pillow insert)
Sewing Machine


  1. Cut out the squares of fabric. 22”x22” should be more than enough. (The final pillow will be about 18”x18”.)
  1. Cut corners of latch hook mesh to within one square of the corner.

  1. Fold back the extra mesh and tape down using strapping tape. 

  1. Be careful to make clean corners

  1. Place latch hook in center of upholstery fabric and pin it down. About 5 pins per side is enough.

  1. Start sewing the outside edge down. Extra stitches in the corners (tack it down from every angle)
    Try to come up just inside the mesh and back down almost into the same spot. It’ll be almost invisible
    when the pillow is finished. Every other hole is enough to make it very secure, I’ve done both and
    there’s no difference. Go all the way around.

  1. Flip it, measure out from the 2” from the corners and mark with chalk
    using a straight edge connect the corners.

  1. Lay both squares front side to front side, (Mark the bottom of the image with chalk) and pin together
    along chalk lines. (Pin perpendicular to the lines and you won’t need to remove them when you sew
    on the machine.)


  1. Using a sewing machine: start on the bottom corner (reinforce corner, by going forward and
    reverse 5-10 stitches) sew up the side, along the chalk lines, over the top and almost all the way
    around using a tight zigzag stitch (reinforce your stopping point too). Leave 1/2 of the bottom
    edge open so you can stuff the pillow.
    (It’s best to leave the opening on the bottom edge because you’ll be hand sewing it shut after stuffing.)

  1. Flip pillow right side out and stuff the pillow. (99 cent stores or Ikea have cheap pillow inserts 18"x18"
    or 20"x20" which work great.)

  1. Fold in the edges of the opening you left and pin it shut, Hand stitch the opening.

  1. Style and trim the shag as desired. Voila! Dirty Pillow!